Bahamas – March 2011

Day One

Flying in to Grand Bahama Island

Interesting effect – the timing of the shutter and the propeller was freaky.

Taino Beach Resort

Our Room

Taino Beach

Outdoor dining area

Day Two

Had a bucket of Pirate Punch, THEN lunch, then another bucket, THEN went grocery shopping!

We took a shuttle bus into town that took us to the grocery store where we got some necessary supplies. There was also a liquor store next door and of course, we thought we needed more rum!

Day Three

Port Lucaya Marina

Day Four

Hanging out at Taino Beach

Evening entertainment

Day Five

Port Lucaya

Day Six

Exploring the island with our new friend Josephine

The Garden of the Groves

Caves, Mangrove and Gold Rock Beach

When we got to this restaurant we weren’t sure we were in the right place. We looked around and started to walk down the street. A guy from the house across the street came out and said “Hey Mon. Want me to cook you some food?” He walked over to the restaurant and sat us and took our order. It had a beautiful view of the beach and beach volleyball.

Day 7

International Market


More Exploring

Sunset Cruise

Day 8

Exploring Taino Beach

The most delicious bread that we had picked up on our travels the day before at West End Bakery It had yummy coconut and papaya topping. We ate the last two slices before heading home.

Heading home

I cried all the way to the airport. They were so laid back there the cab driver let me take my drink in the cab to the airport. I was so sad. I kept saying, “I don’t want to go back yet.”

Bahama Airport

Miami Airport

Look at all the interesting artwork at the Miami airport made from fish. Oh wait, we just missed our plane.

Luckily, the airline took pity on us and were already rebooking a ton of people from redirected flights because of a storm in Orlando. We had to get a hotel for the night and catch a flight the next morning.

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