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Patience and Her Puppies 0 (0)

We got Patience and her eight puppies on May 13th, 2023, the day before Mother’s Day. She was part of a Geauga Mama Dogs And Pups rescue transport of 38 puppies, one adult dog and two cats. She was found with her puppies in a shed in Kentucky, very hungry. […]

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Cocoa, Honey and Graham 0 (0)

We picked up our fosters Cocoa, Honey and Graham on April 23rd. We took Cocoa and Honey to the Friendship APL on May 8th and Graham went to Portage APL on May 9th. Cocoa and Honey had adopters, but Graham didn’t – it is so hard to send them to […]

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Alfie and Arlo 0 (0)

April 16-23, 2023 When we fostered Alfie and Arlo they were about 4 months old. We also had Cookie and Tootsie that we were holding on to because Friendship APL was full. They were supposed to go to the APL on Sunday but we had them until Wednesday. Cookie and […]

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Cookie and Tootsie 0 (0)

April 12-19, 2023 We took over fostering these two girls from Whitney – her dogs didn’t get along with the new puppies and the puppies didn’t like being penned off on their own. They were such sweethearts, but they definitely didn’t like being left alone. We ended up having these […]

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Nadia and Natalia 0 (0)

April 2 – 12, 2023 Our friend, Dmitriy was the one to suggest the names for these two girls. Nadia was definitely the lover and Natalia the troublemaker! 🙂 We had overlap with these and the Border Collie pair, Maggie & Charlie – luckily, they got along pretty well and […]

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Maggie and Charlie 0 (0)

March 26 – April 2, 2023 Maggie and Charlie are big lovable fluff balls. These Border Collies are always in a good mood and love to run and play in the yard. They are good with other dogs and love everyone. They had an over-lapping stay with Shannon, Quinn and Rory […]

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Quinn, Rory & Shannon 0 (0)

We fostered Quinn, Rory and Shannon from Friday, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, to Wednesday, March 29th. Since we got them on St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to use Irish names! They are good puppies. Quinn is a lot smaller than the other two but she is the boss! She […]

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Tucker, Lacy and Mia 0 (0)

March 4-12, 2023 Tucker, Lacy and Mia are Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix. They are going to big and lovable! They are so fluffy! They love to run and play outside in the cool air and love sleeping in front of a fan. They are playful, loveable puppies. They get along […]

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Skylar and Sutton 0 (0)

Skylar and Sutton stayed with us from February 9th to February 18th, right before we left for our Disney vacation. They are really good puppies who love to go on walks, slept through the night and were pretty good about using pee pads. They did like to grab on to […]

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Marvin, Minnie and Mocha 0 (0)

Jan 21 – Feb 5, 2023 We got “Starvin” Marvin, “Skinny” Minnie and Mocha when they were 7 weeks old. They were SOO skinny when we got them and they definitely had food anxiety. We had to get slow feeder bowls for them so they’d slow down a little and […]