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Pool Project 0 (0)

June 2020. With the public pools closed due to Coronavirus, we decided to get a pool installed – along with everyone else in the country! No pools were available for installation until late fall and even all the temporary setup pools were sold out. I was finally able to find […]

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Back Flower Beds 0 (0)

Peonies https://homeguides.sfgate.com/fertilizer-use-peonies-39724.html Routine Peony Feeding Phosphorus and nitrogen are important nutrients for a peony over its lifetime. You must ensure proper levels each year so that your plants will grow as they should and produce vivid blooms. Apply a low-nitrogen fertilizer — a 5-10-10 blend, for instance — to the […]

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Yard 0 (0)

Bought 3 yards of mulch on 5/10/2019 from Falkenberg on 130th for $149 delivered. Perfect amount for front, side and back flower beds.