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Pool Project

June 2020. With the public pools closed due to Coronavirus, we decided to get a pool installed – along with everyone else in the country! ….

Planting Dates – 2021

Plant Bed SeedsStarted PlantedOutdoors First Harvest Last Harvest Fertilizer Harvest Asparagus 1 N/A Perenial 1 to 1.5 10-10-10, per 100 square feet in early spring ….

The Growing Season

Monday, June 3rd Roly-Polies Today I put out dog and cat food cans filled with beer for what we call the “Roly-Poly Beer Party”. Several ….

Back Flower Beds

Peonies Routine Peony Feeding Phosphorus and nitrogen are important nutrients for a peony over its lifetime. You must ensure proper levels each year so ….


Bought 3 yards of mulch on 5/10/2019 from Falkenberg on 130th for $149 delivered. Perfect amount for front, side and back flower beds.