Belize ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฟ

Our Belize meal consisted of Stew Chicken atop Johnny Cakes, Fried Plantains and Sweet Potato Pone. The stew chicken was flavorful. It was made with Red Recado paste that contained Annatto Seeds. When searching for Annatto seeds we found La Plaza Supermarket in Westlake that has delicious Mexican and Central American food. The Sweet Potato Pone was good but had a different texture.

While researching Belize I found The Travel Book which I love. It suggests books to read, movies to watch and lists facts for every country in the world. The book recommended for Belize was ‘The Last Flight of the Scarlett Macaw’ by Bruce Barcott. It is the story of Sharon Matola’s quest to prevent the building of a damn that would flood the nesting grounds of the last Scarlett Macaws in Belize.

Bruce Barcott’s description of Belize…

Belize goes unnoticed by the rest of the world, and over the years the country has parlayed itโ€™s obscurity into an attractive asset. For those shipwrecked on the shoals of life, Belize offers a new beginning. The country teems with adventurous refugees who set up shop in the middle of the central American jungle. British innkeepers, Mennonite farmers, Chinese shopkeepers, Lebanese entrepreneurs , American missionaries, Canadian aid workers, and Dutch scientists live peacefully alongside the nation’s longer established residents, the Garifuna artists, Maya cacao growers, Mestizo plantation managers, and Creole politicians who make up the majority of the countries population. Belize draws the eccentric, the mad cap, and the downright mad.

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