Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Our Czech Republic meal was Spicy Kielbasa Buns (Klobasneks), Dill Pickle Soup, Czech Shopska Salad (Sopsky Salat) and for dessert Sweet Prune Buns (Kolaches) and Apricot Kolaches. The Kielbasa buns and Prune and apricot Kolaches were made using dough from a Czech Kolache recipe. I was excited the dough worked out since I have had some bad luck with bread and doughs. 😊

The Kielbasa buns reminded me of what my Mom called Pigs in the Blanket. To her this was hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. They were good and brought back memories. The Dill Pickle Soup was really good, a pickle flavored cream soup. We will make it again if we have dill pickles left from a holiday meal. The Kolaches were delicious and great for breakfast the next day.

Our foster mama dog Patience somehow got apricot filling stuck to her back. Hmm. She does like to be involved in anything going on in the kitchen.

The Czech Republic was historically known as Bohemia. It has some beautiful buildings! It is described as having a hilly landscape which made us think of the cobblestone hills we climbed in Lisbon, Portugal! It was a workout! I would love to visit the Bohemian Switzerland National Park that’s on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany. It is gorgeous!! You can visit the Bastei Bridge and Pravcicka Gate and take a boat ride on the Kamenice River in the Kamenice Gorge.

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