Ireland 🇮🇪

The Saturday after St. Patrick’s Day we shared an Irish meal with friends to celebrate! Yelena and Dmitriy made corned beef and cabbage with Irish potatoes and green deviled eggs made with avocado, Jason and Melissa made mini Shepard’s Pies, and Rob and I made Irish Oat Soda Bread and Bailey’s Irish Poke Cake. Everything was delicious and accompanied by Sullivan’s Irish Ale, Jamison & Ginger, coffee with Baileys, and some wine. Dmitry found an Irish music station to play in the background while we played some card games after dinner.

Ireland is on our wish list of places to visit. It looks beautiful. We love this video! -> The Beauty Of Ireland – by Drone Now we want to live in Ireland and buy a drone!

Tara Hall in Dublin is for sale and this beauty could be ours for a meager $5,642,067USD. Here is a link to the listing just in case you want a look or make an offer -> Tara Hall It made me laugh that there are wardrobes in all the bedrooms because they don’t have closets! I know it was different times when it was built but for how much it costs, funny.

I included pictures of Kylemore Abbey in Galway, a beautiful Benedictine monastery founded in 1920 for Benedictine Nuns who fled Belgium in World War I; River Liffey in the capital of Dublin; the Blarney Stone which when kissed “bestows the gift of eloquence” and The Giant’s Causeway. The causeway has about 40,000 hexagonal-shaped steppingstones formed from cooling volcanic basalt that date back almost 60 million years ago. Irish legend claims that a mythical Irish giant named Fionn mac Cumhaill built the causeway to cross the North Channel into Scotland.

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