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Last weekends meal was from Armenia Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves | Yalanchi Sarma, Armenian Spiced Feta | Brinza, Armenian Bulgur Pilaf Salad | Itch, Armenian White Bean Plaki | Lupia Plaki and Armenian Hazelnut Cake in Honey Syrup | Revani.

We both liked the stuffed grape leaves. They were a little sweet from the currants, cinnamon, sugar and Allspice. Brinza was feta set on top of fresh basil, chives, mint and oregano covered in oil and vinegar mixed with a bunch of dried spices and sprinkled with sumac. Every bite was a little different depending on which fresh herbs you ate with the cheese. Delicious. I kept thinking this could be made on four separate plates so everyone would have their own little appetizer (Covid on the brain?).

The only sumac I’ve heard of is poison sumac so I was a little nervous about eating it. I’ve had poison sumac and it was not fun. I figured sumac was a spice but it came in a pretty big bag. It has a faint lemon taste. I read that in Armenia they have it set on the table like we do salt and pepper.

The Itch was pretty good but i could not stop eating the Lupia Plaki. It was so good on pita chips. While standing over the kitchen island shoveling Lupia Plaki in my mouth I got thinking how different countries and cultures have different comfort foods. Lupia Plaki is now on my list of comfort foods (like I need more).

The hazelnut cake was delicious, even for breakfast It has nuts in it, protein right?

We found a YouTube channel called GeographyNow! The videos are funny and educational. I think they would be great for teenagers and adults with ADD (Rob kind of fits in both categories). Here is the GeographyNow! For Armenia ->

During the Armenian Geniocide during WWI an estimated 1 to 1.5 million Armenians will killed. It’s heart breaking that poeple can be so cruel.

Armenian diaspora are communities of Armenians outside Armenia and other locations where Armenians are considered an indigenous population. The total Armenian population living worldwide is estimated to be 11,000,000. Of those, approximately 3 million currently live in Armenia. Mainly a result of World War I when the Armenian Genocide forced Armenians to flee or risk being killed.

Our next table adventure is Australia.

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