We had Clementine from 12/14/22 to 12/21/22.

Ms. Clementine was our first foster and is a total sweetheart who loves to snuggle and play. She is 4 months old and currently weighs 23 pounds. She gets along great with other dogs and is curious about cats but leaves them alone. She is good about going potty outside and is does really well if taken out right when she gets up from a nap or first thing in the morning. She does like a treat when she does a good job going outside!

Clementine was found in an abandoned mine in WV, which is how she got her name. She had a reaction to something the day after she went to the Friendship APL in Elyria. She was put on prednisone and had to wait to get fixed. She went up for adoption on 1/1/23 and she was adopted on 1/3/2023!

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