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Our Bahraini meal consisted of Roasted Eggplant Dip (Uukkous Al-Badinjan), Bahraini Rangeena, Bahraini Chickens Machboos/ Machbous.

Our Bahraini meal consisted of Roasted Eggplant Dip (Uukkous Al-Badinjan), Bahraini Rangeena, Bahraini Chickens Machboos/ Machbous. 

I loved the Machboos. The chicken was tender and the rice very flavorful. The recipe used black dried limes which we had never heard of before. They are very lightweight black balls. There were so many spices in this dish it was hard to tell if the black limes added a specific flavor. The chicken was first cooked with spices, tomatoes and limes and then removed and baked in the oven. The rice was cooked in chicken broth. Delicious. 

The Rangeena was interesting. We are not sure if it had the right texture. It kind of tasted like sweet sand with dates and walnuts. The recipe said any flour could be used but recommended spelt. We used semolina so maybe that was the issue? I would like to try the authentic version. 

The roasted eggplant dip was good but we both like hummus better. Mainly due to texture. 

We learned Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf. The Kingdom consists of 51 natural islands and 33 artificial islands that make up about 83 percent of the country’s landmass. The man-made islands look really cool. The capital is Manama. Every time we said Manama we would break in to the “Mahna Mahna” song by the Muppets.

Durrat Al Bahrain is one set of islands. The below information was take from:…/en/durrat-al-bahrain-guide.html

“Durrat Al Bahrain is a sustainable residential, commercial and leisure resort, a necklace of pearls suspended from the southeast shoreline of Bahrain. Providing a water based island lifestyle, the 20 km masterplan comprises a broad arc of six man made atoll shaped islands, each with an exclusive community of 172 villas that have either individual moorings or private beaches.

Slender bridges link the atolls to an inner ring of five petal shaped islands each of which has a 1.5 km waterfront with moorings and serving as neighbourhood hubs with community facilities and a shared beach of white sand. On the shore side of the development linked by the bridge are two crescent shaped promontories with shops, cafes, leisure facilities and 2,000 apartments, all with far reaching sea views across the development.”

This is a cool 2 minute video of Darrat Al Bahrain taken by drone.

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